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Language B is a Kentucky-based online language education company. Our goal is to establish the best online option for learning a foreign language. Language B is a fun, effective, and very affordable language-learning option for you, your school, and your company. Our team at Language B loves learning and teaching foreign language, and we are building the games and features that we have always wanted to use ourselves in our own study and in our own classrooms. We are opening that software to the world, so that everyone who shares our enjoyment of learning can study with us and create new lesson content with us.

The public lessons that we're creating are free to anyone who signs up for a Language B account, as well as the growing variety of games we're adding to practice the lesson content. But for a low membership fee, our subscribers can also create and use and share lessons of their own. These lessons can be as simple as vocabulary lists, or they can be the full equivalent of a multimedia online textbook.

Check us out! You can sign up and start studying for free. And please let us know what you like, as well as what additional features and language support you'd like to see!

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