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Language B for Classrooms

Language B is a great option for adding supplementary online games and study guides for your classroom. Our members can create and mange groups to share any of our public lessons or any of the custom lessons that the member creates. Individual students can view those lessons and enjoy practicing the material with our games free of charge. Or, if the students are also members, then the instructor can even assign them the task of building custom lessons of their own to share with the group!

In addition to the usual word lists and study guides, you can also embed YouTube videos directly into your lessons to provide a variety of conversation examples and songs! You can add scripts to these videos, with both the target language and your students' first language, and your students will be able to click on lines in the script to jump right to the part of the video where they hear the spoken material!


We are constantly adding new games and study options to Language B, too. As you create content and upload images, audio and video for it, all of this becomes immediately available for practice in our games.


Our goal is to help you provide engaging, effective, and enjoyable online supplemental material for your students to practice their language skills outside of class.

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