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Language B for Business

We help you master the vocabulary, phrases, conversational skills, and cultural sensitivity you need to succeed in an international workplace.


A Language B Membership gives you the power to create your own lessons, but we can also work with you to create custom lessons for use within your company. These lessons can teach vocabulary for the machinery, tools, materials, and products you use in your business. The lessons can also teach the phrases and expressions you’re likely to need in particular situations. Contact us to discuss how we can put the Language B team and platform to work for you.

Adjusting to a new culture can be one of the most daunting aspects of international business. Language B can help your company’s international employees adapt more quickly to their surroundings by teaching language through lessons that reference the local restaurants, landmarks, and even people they will encounter in their new environment.


Learning a foreign language builds patience and understanding among your employees as they work with their international counterparts. Together they will become a stronger, more confident team as their ability to communicate with each other improves.

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